JOHN PASTON I 1421-1466



The testing of John Paston 1

The unique collection of the 15th century Paston Letters, edited by John Fenn of Dereham, vividly describe the struggles of a family seeking to climb the ladder of society and shake off the accusations of a humble birth, against a backdrop of the turbulent and lawless years of civil war.
Judge William Paston had accumulated a substantial number of estates and on his death left his son and heir John Paston in a very dangerous position.
With the help of his fearless and indomitable wife Margaret, John Paston managed to weather the initial storms. However, John’s controversial inheritance of the vast holdings and wealth of Margaret’s cousin Sir John Fastolf, for whom John Paston had worked, threw the family back into the clutches of two formidable enemies, the Dukes of Suffolk and Norfolk.
Share, through the insights of the family letters, John Paston’s enthralling and desperate story.