SIR JOHN PASTON II 1442-1479 (Elder brother to Sir John Paston III)



Sir John Paston was the eldest son of John and Margaret Paston. Sent to attend court in London by his father, who hoped he could achieve useful influence with the King. John, much to his father’s displeasure, grew to enjoy the pageantry and excitement of courtly life. On one occasion Sir John jousted on the ‘royal’ team beside the King. Despite the criticisms, particularly when he left his younger brother to defend Caister Castle against the seige by the Duke of Norfolk’s army, Sir John managed to eventually secure royal acknowledgement that the Pastons were members of the gentry and ultimately secured the family’s possession of Caister Castle. Sir John was an avid reader and worked on his own ‘great book’ concerning heraldry, warfare and his inspirations; King Arthur and Robin Hood. Sir John succumbed to the plague in 1479 and was buried near his home in Fleet Street.